Items from the 1970s


The binoculars are branded Carl Zeiss Jena, model Jenoptem 8x30

Old paper bank notes

The three objects are old paper bank notes.

Golf Score device

A portable device on which to record the number of golf shots taken to complete each hole in a round

Men’s Royal Air Force Uniform

A man’s military uniform as worn by a Group Captain in the RAF.

Carmen Heated Rollers

Carmen heated rollers to put a curl into your hair.

Portable Maritsa 11 typewriter

This Maritsa ultra-portable typewriter and case was made in Bulgaria.

Bowls Champion Trophy

An outdoor bowls champion trophy sponsored by Courage Central Limited of Alton

Badminton Racquet

A Badminton Racquet with history of the game of Badminton

Hair roller

Pink plastic hair roller from the 1960s/70s

Candy Canes

The objects shown are examples of an edible confectionary called candy canes.