A brown leather gentleman’s toiletry case for the travelling man. A toiletry set consisting of a mirror, nail file, bottles which may have contained mouthwash and talcum powder, soap dish and two clothes brushes. A shaving brush, razor, toothbrush, scissors or a hair comb may have once sat in the compartment which is currently empty.  The case is fixed secure with a clasp and has a carry handle for ease to transport it from one place to another.

We may not carry a toiletry case like this around these days but most people will have a toiletry or wash bag for trips away from home.  In America a washbag is known as a different name – a Dopp Kit.  This is named after Charles Doppelt who designed the first leather toiletry case in 1919.  The popularity soared with the outbreak of war when military personnel were issued with a Dopp Kit to keep all their shaving and toiletry items in one space-saving place. Before this they were called Toilet bags but this name was deemed too graphic for the American market.


More information:

Date 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s
Material(s) LeatherGlassWoodMetal
Item number MBPO312

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  • Have you ever had a toiletry case like this or maybe a male relative has?
  • What toiletries would you pack for a night away somewhere?
  • Would you call it a toiletry or wash bag?

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