This book was published in 1961 and appears to have been aimed at older children. It had 150 pages and featured illustrations by Patricia Cullen. It introduced children to the world of dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures.

The author, Maurice Burton, was born in 1898 and died in 1992. He was an expert zoologist and a prolific, popular author of books and a contributor to encyclopaedias. He wrote for both adults and children. In the year this book was written, he published a book doubting that a large animal was living in Loch Ness.

He wrote another book entitled ‘Prehistoric Animals’ in 1974, again for the benefit of children.

He held important posts at the British Museum of Natural History from 1927 to 1958.

His books were written before the time that dinosaurs featured so widely in books, films and on TV.

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Date 1960s
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Questions to help you remember using this item

  • Have you read any books on pre-historic animals or bought one as a gift? If so when?
  • Can you name any pre-historic animals that were not dinosaurs?
  • Which dinosaurs can you name?
  • Have you seen any TV programmes or cinema films about pre-historic animals? If so which?
  • Which museums have you visited that displayed fossils of pre-historic creatures?

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The book has long been out of print, but the second book, published in 1974, can be obtained from second hand book sellers.

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