Eddie Stobart Model Lorries are collectible models of his haulage company’s actual lorries; currently the haulage company own 2,200 lorries and so there are many different ones to collect.

This scale die cast model is of an articulated lorry, that is a tractor unit with detachable trailer, as used by the UK transport company Eddie Stobart Limited. This model is made by the Corgi Toy Company who have been producing metal models since 1956. The move from tinplate to metal models was in direct competition with Dinky Toys, the difference being that the Corgi models were made to scale and therefore thought to be a more accurate representation at that time.

Eddie Stobart has a long tradition of giving its Company’s trucks female names. The first four haulage lorries owned by Eddie Stobart were named after model “Twiggy” and singers “Tammy” (Wynette), “Dolly” (Parton) and “Suzi” (Quatro). Today, the trucks can be named by drivers who want to pay a special homage to someone they admire and sometimes are named to commemorate long-time employees. A few trucks are named after men one being that dedicated to Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

The models are still very collectible today and prices range from £10 up into the £100’s for the rarer models. The firm’s official fan club boasts no fewer than 25,000 members. Many people ask how do I get my name on an Eddie Stobart lorry? To have your name on an Eddie Stobart truck you need to be a member of the fan club and apply to them in writing.  However, currently, the Eddie Stobart truck naming waiting list for vehicles is up to 5 years long






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Date 1960s
Material(s) MetalPlasticTin
Item number MBPO184

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