Briers floral gardening gloves in a yellow and purple design. The gloves are cotton with rubber dots on the palm to help with the grip of gardening tools. Beige cuffs are at the wrists to add to the comfort of wearing the glove (including keeping out any creepy crawlies!).

Gloves are worn to protect the hands from plants that have thorns or anything in the garden that can cause stings and scratches. By wearing gloves while gardening your hands will also stay clean and stain free from soil and plants. Many people enjoy gardening as a hobby or as a full-time job.

There are a wide range of gardening gloves available for sale. Some gloves keep your hands cool in hot temperatures and others are thermal to keep your hands warm in sub-zero temperatures. For rainy days there are gloves with protective coverings to keep your hands dry. These gloves pictured are lightweight for general gardening jobs. Gloves similar to this come in a variety of shades and colours for a gentle potter in the garden. Being lightweight you are able to have more dexterity and not have to remove the glove for potting up plants. You would require a thicker glove with extra palm or finger protection for more manual work.

Briers the company that manufactured these gloves were formed in 2003. As well as selling gardening gloves they also provide a wide range of gardening consumables including footwear, solar powered equipment, lighting, water features and wild bird food.

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Material(s) CottonRubber
Item number MBPO65

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  • Do you enjoy gardening?
  • What is it that you enjoy the most? Mowing the grass, weeding, pruning or digging?
  • What flowers do you like to see grow?
  • Do you have birds come to visit your garden?

User Stories

I have a few pairs of gloves, from days when I am just pottering, to days when there are a lot of leaves that need to be picked up. A new addition this year was a pair of thermal gardening gloves. I’m sure I’ve been able to stay out in the garden much longer on cold days as my fingers are kept nice & warm. Even though I have all these gloves I usually end up removing them sometime when gardening and have to find the nail brush when I come in to scrub my hands & nails free of soil!  – Memory Box Volunteer

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