KAN-U-Go card game, for 2-7 players, manufactured by Porter Print Ltd, Leeds, England. The game comes in a red, white and blue box with full printed instructions of how to play. The box has approximately 50 cards with a letter printed centrally on the card and a number for scoring points in two of the corners. The first copyright for this game was on September 10th 1934 but this version is possibly from the 1960’s.

From the inscription in the box lid it shows that a Mrs Cook and Isobel gave Pamela Johnson this game as a gift. Printed on the lower part of the box are the word “Thrilling and Absorbing”.

Object of the game:

This game is crossword based and is very similar to scrabble. However due to the size of the cards at 6.2cm x 4.2cm the table where you may be playing it soon becomes full. Scrabble has smaller tiles so that more words can be added. Each participant takes it in turn to complete a word from the cards they have been dealt. These words can be added to words already on the table or they may change a letter to form a new word. As play continues and more letters and words are added a crossword is formed. The idea is to use up all the cards you have been dealt before your opponents. Several rounds will be played and when a player has used all their cards the other opponents will add up the score on their remaining cards. The next round will proceed with the same rules and at the end of the pre-determined number of rounds the person with the lowest score is the overall winner of the game.

This game of letters, numbers and words aids spelling and numeracy.  KAN-U-GO is still currently sold.



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Material(s) CardboardPaper
Item number MBPO315

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  • Have you ever played KAN-U-Go or Scrabble?
  • Do you like playing card or board games?
  • Do you have a favourite game you used to play as a child or with your own children?

User Stories

I haven’t ever played KAN-U-Go but have played Scrabble.  We also have another similar game to Scrabble called Bananagrams.  This game is for 1-8 players and instead of taking turns playing it on a board you put together words in a crossword by yourself from the tiles you pick. You continue playing until there are no tiles left and the winner has used all their tiles up. – Memory Box Volunteer

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