The beginners’ microscope illustrated is aimed at children between the ages of eight and eleven. It is sold as an educational toy, rather than a scientific instrument. Children are encouraged to view liquids and solids; organic and non-organic materials.

The object to be viewed is placed on a slide above a mirror and is viewed through the single eyepiece and brought into focus by turning a knob, which changes the height of the tube.

The magnification can be changed by swivelling a turret containing lenses of differing power.

Magnification can be as great as 1200x, but for young children magnifications of 100x, 200x and 450x are often recommended.

Models vary in height, but an average would be 20.5cm or 8 inches.

The model illustrated uses natural light, but many current models have a battery powered light.

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Date 1970s
Material(s) Plastic
Item number MBPO53

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  • Have you ever used a microscope?
  • If you had one today, what would you look at?

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I remember my Grandad having one of these and enjoying looking through the lens with him, I liked sharing that with him.

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