A cast iron mincing machine made by Spong in the 1930’s.

They made a variety of sizes and designs over a period of many years. The company started in London in the 1830’s, making “domestic machinery”, and by the 1880’s they were the world leader in home mincing machines, boasting that Queen Victoria herself owned one.

Into the 20th century, Spong made other equipment such as coffee grinders, fire extinguishers, mouse traps and knife sharpeners. They sold off their domestic equipment business to Salter in the 1980’s.

Housewives were used to mincing their own meat at home, rather than buying it ready-minced – and the Spong mincer was advertised for “Xmas puddings, pies, minces and savouries.”

The gadget would be clamped onto the kitchen table to be used – it would be more difficult to use in the modern kitchen as work surfaces tend not to have an overhanging lip, which is required for the clamp to work properly.

They were made of cast iron, some versions keeping the metallic finish, some being enamelled, most popularly during the 1930’s in pale green.

More information:

Date 1930s, 1940s, 1950s
Material(s) Cast Iron
Item number MBPO48

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