The Oxford Diecast Company was formed in 1993. More detailed information about the company can be found on this site in the description of item MBPO 139, which is a blue Morris Minor van celebrating the 120th anniversary the local newspaper ‘The Echo’. As rival manufacturers struggled or ceased production, Oxford Diecast prospered. Despite its name, the company is based in Swansea. Manufacturing was based in the UK until 2000, when production was transferred to China.

The van shown here was made in Great Britain, so must have been manufactured between the years 1993 and 2000. Although a child can play with this model car, the company encourages adult collectors of its models. To this end, not only is there a vast range of model vehicles and some aeroplanes, but the same vehicle may be made in a variety of different liveries. There is a collectors’ club.

The Radio Times was first published in 1923 to provide information on BBC radio programmes. As early as 1928 it gave details of short experimental television broadcasts and from 1936 until the outbreak of war in 1939 it featured regular television transmissions. There was just one radio channel during the war, but the Radio Times stayed in production. Today the magazine covers all television broadcasts widely available in this country with some highlights of streaming services. The radio listings remain, with most detail confined to BBC broadcasts. It has feature articles, previews and reviews. At the time of writing the price is £3.80. A picture produced below shows a price of an early edition of two ‘old’ pence.


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Date 1990s, 2000s, 2010s
Material(s) MetalPlastic
Item number MBPO147

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  • Dou you think this is a toy or a collectors piece?
  • What things have you ever collected?
  • Have you ever bought The Radio Times? Do you do so now?
  • What information do you expect to find in the Radio Times?
  • How do you find out what to watch on TV or listen to an the radio?

User Stories

A Radio Times van like the one featured on this site is shown below with the original box and a certificate of authenticity.

Then there are images of other vans and an omnibus with Radio Times livery, all produced by the Oxford Diecast company.

Below are covers of The Radio Times featured on its website, showing changes over the years.

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