The American company was founded in 1930 by Herman Fisher and Irving Price – and they chiefly designed and manufactured toys for young children.

This particular toy – Little Snoopy – first appeared in the 1960’s.  It is a wooden 3D model of a brown and white beagle-type dog on red plastic wheels, designed to be pulled along by toddlers taking their first steps.  The charm of the toy derives from a number of features built into its design: the wheels are slightly off-centre so that Snoopy wobbles as he moves along; his upright tail is made of a spring so that it too “wags” while being pulled along; there is a mechanism which produces a “yip yip” sound as if he is enjoying his walk; and this particular model features a yellow wooden slipper hanging off the pulling cord as if he has mischievously stolen one from his master/mistress and is running off with it.

His face has been painted so that he looks as if he is looking up toward his handler and smiling – making him particularly appealing to a child.  The ears are also articulated so that they swing back and forth as he moves.

This model features the serial number 693 – which dates him to the early 1960’s.  The more modern versions have replaced many of the wooden parts with plastic ones – and are missing the dangling slipper.

The Fisher Price Toy Company is still doing business today, and Little Snoopy is still one of its best sellers.

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Date 1960s, 1970s, 1980s
Material(s) MetalPlasticWood
Item number MBPO162

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  • Do you remember ever having any "pull along" or "push along" toys when you were little?
  • Did you have any toys resembling dogs or cats - or other animals?

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I had a push along toy, rather than pull along when I was a child (1960s).  It was a sturdy, furry terrier-type dog on a tubular metal frame, with a pushing bar.  He was strong enough that you could actually stop pushing when you were tired and sit on his back for a rest.

My sister had the Little Snoopy pull along toy, and I vividly remember being dreadfully jealous that her dog made a noise, when mine didn’t.  Hers also looked a lot cuter, with those big brown eyes and wobbly walk which made his tail wag.  But although mine had a rather prickly coat, and a grumpy expression (a bit like a Schnautzer??) it was actually “rideable” – so I always felt my dog was best!

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