Stacking rings is a toy aimed at very young children from the age of six months upwards. They have a base, with a central pole onto which coloured rings can be dropped, with the aim of the largest being at the bottom and then each successive ring being smaller with the smallest at the top.

The toy illustrated has six rings of different sizes and colours with a ball shaped top piece. Many models have a slightly curved base, which allows the stack to rock. Toys with five rings are now the most common.

The toy is one of the most popular first toys. It encourages the child’s manual dexterity, hand-eye co-ordination and problem-solving skills. It also helps with language development when a parent or older child talks about the colours, the shapes or the handling of the rings. Praising a child’s effort helps build confidence and enjoyment.

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Material(s) Wood
Item number MBPO77

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I remember children deliberately placing rings in the wrong order to tease me!

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