Smith Corona Calypso 1970s Portable Typewriter With Hard Case

Portable typewriters such as the Calypso were a compact version of the more robust office typewriters.  All of the features such as the backspace, carriage return lever, the bell, the shift keys, carriage lock, margin setters, ribbon selector (for the colour change), the carriage release lever, the paper guide and the paper release lever were exactly as those on the larger office models and so were popular as it could be carried around in its own case.

This particular model was made by Smith Corona which was once a large U.S.Typewriter and mechanical Calculator manufacturer. The Company made typewriters from 1886 to 1995. The Company expanded greatly during the 1960s to become a large company whose products extended to paints, foods, and paper. The typewriter business collapsed in the mid-1980s due to the introduction of PC Computer based Word Processing. Smith Corona addressed this by manufacturing word processing typewriters.

Many of the other Typewriter manufacturers such as Remington, Imperial etc. also made similar portable typewriters.

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Date 1970s
Material(s) PlasticMetal
Item number MBPO200

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  • Can you type?
  • What model of Typewriter did you use?
  • Could you 'touch type'?
  • Did you use Carbon Paper? Didn't it make a mess?

User Stories

I learnt to type on a portable typewriter like this one. I spent many evenings practicing where to place my fingers so that I could eventually ‘touch type’.  I worked in a ‘Typing Pool.  It was very noisy when we all started typing together.


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