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Golf Score device

A portable device on which to record the number of golf shots taken to complete each hole in a round

Cribbage Scoring Board and Game

Cribbage Scoring Board and Game

Whitbread Pale Ale bottle

A brown glass bottle with a Whitbread Pale Ale sticker, and a cork stopper with plastic top.

Opera Binoculars

Opera Bioculars (also known as Opera Glasses)

Prinz Condor Cine Camera Super 8

Prinz Condor Cine Camera from the 1960’s to film events in any location.

CD of comedian Billy Bennett

This CD has comedy material recorded in the 1920s and 30s by Billy Bennett


This is a modern BM-800 condensing microphone.

game of Jacks

Game of Jacks

Traditional game of jacks for one or more players comprising several jacks and a ball.

The Beatles Monthly magazine

Beatles Monthly Book

This monthly book is all about The Beatles, one of the most successful musical groups in history.

It's That Man Again 2 cassette tapes

I.T.M.A. 2 Cassette Tape Recording

I.T.M.A. - “It’s That Man Again” was a BBC radio comedy series that ran between 1939-1949.

snooker triangle

Snooker Rack, or Triangle

The object is a wooden rack, of triangular shape, used to hold snooker balls