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Boric Acid Ointment

This tin of boric acid ointment was made by Maws Pharmacy Supplies Ltd.

Vintage tin for Elastoplast Bandage

This tin originally contained three yards of Elastoplast bandage

Enamel Pie Dish

Vintage cream oblong pie dishes with a green rim made from enamel

Vintage tin of sticking plaster

This tin of adhesive dressings for minor wounds was produced by family firm Crela in Manchester

Nymph Ladies Razor

The object is a ladies Nymph razor made by Souplex.

Christmas Biscuit Tins

These colourful tins contained biscuits and were mainly sold at Christmas


This basket ball by Dunlop is a plaything, not a ball for serious matches

Toilet handle with chain

Toilet chain for flushing the outside toilet

Cup and Ball Game

The object is a wooden game with a cup on a handle and a ball on a string

The ABBA Annual 1979

This is the second Annual featuring the famous pop group ABBA

Shilling coin

This shilling coin dates from 1948

Half Crown Coin

This object is an example of a half crown coin. This one was issued in 1963

Weights For Scales

Brass bell weights of various values for use with balance scales

Viking Balance Scales

Kitchen balance scales made from cast iron and brass

Vintage Box of Marmite Cubes

The box displayed is a rare example of a tin for six Marmite cubes