Here you can find all sorts of information on how to use this website and guides for doing your own reminiscence activities.

You can also view all of our mini memory sessions on our YouTube channel

Work - Reminiscence resources

Here’s Codey with our mini memory session on work – you can see all our work items here.

You can also download some fun activities below…

Start off with this Reminiscence Guide or these conversation starters to get going, then maybe delve a bit deeper with memory cards.

Read this poem about the Canary Girls together or have a go at our Tools of the Trade Matching Game!

Finally we’ve got some pictures to colour in and a quiz and word search – difficult and easy options depending on how much you want to stretch yourself today.

Work Quiz Difficult or Work Quiz Multiple Choice

Work Seamstress ColouringWork Working Mens Club Colouring

Work Wordsearch Difficult or Work Wordsearch Easy


Shopping - reminiscence resources

While Kayte leads you through our shopping mini memory session, you can have a look at our shopping reminiscence guide to start you off. You can find all of our items related to shopping here.

We’ve got a market stall colouring picture, a poem all about the High Street and loads of great games for this theme!

You can play Match the year to the shop, our brands Word Ladder or the Shopping Crossword.

Finally we’ve got a quiz and word search at different difficulty levels.

Shopping Quiz Easy

Shopping Quiz Medium to Difficult

Shopping Wordsearch difficult

Shopping Wordsearch Medium

Shopping Wordsearch Easy

How to photograph objects.