The object displayed is a box of a cake mix for producing coconut slices. All the necessary ingredients are included, apart from an egg and jam. Instructions are displayed clearly on the box.

The coconut slice mix is no longer made. The box shown is priced at 37 pence. Therefore the mix was still on sale after decimalisation in 1971.

Green’s currently produce 14 different cake mixes with a range of flavours and types, including sponges, brownies, scones and novelty cakes for children.

The objective of all the cake mixes is to make baking easier and quicker and also for having fun with children.

Greens Desserts started from simple roots in one shop run by Horace Green in Hove. In 1979 Greens moved production from Brighton to Thurcroft near Rotherham.

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Date 1970s, 1980s
Material(s) Cardboard
Item number MBPO154

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  • Which, if any, cake mixes have you used?
  • What cakes have you baked?
  • Why do you think the coconut slice mix is no longer made?
  • Which are your favourite cakes?
  • One of the current mixes is for scones. How do you pronounce that word?
  • Which TV shows about baking have you watched?

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There is another Greens mix shown on this site. It is for a lemon meringue pie. Coconut slice baking mix

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