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Shoe Horn

This shoe horn is made from genuine animal horn or hoof.

1955 Grade II Pianoforte Examinations sheet music

This booklet of a piece of music was the Grade II Examination piano piece set in 1955


CHILDRENS TOY IRON with Holly Hobby design (Chad Valley)

1939 threepenny coin

This coin is a round 'silver' threepenny piece issued in 1939

Dolly Pegs

Wooden clothes pegs also known as a dolly pegs

Coronation Street Pinned Badges

The two signs are mementos of the TV programme 'Coronation Street'

A 1970’s index list telephone and address finder

A 1970’s index list telephone and address finder

Eye shadow powders

The object is a vintage tin of eye shadow powder colours by Marks and Spencer.

Mythology Book

This book is a guide to classical mythology by Philip Matyszak

Floral Gardening Gloves

Briers floral gardening gloves in a yellow and purple design

Cutlery Set

This vintage gift case of cutlery consists of six knives and forks for eating fish

Smelling Salts

This vintage bottle contained a well-known brand of Smelling Salts