Theme: Entertainment

1955 Grade II Pianoforte Examinations sheet music

This booklet of a piece of music was the Grade II Examination piano piece set in 1955

Coronation Street Pinned Badges

The two signs are mementos of the TV programme 'Coronation Street'

Walt Disney’s See, Hear, Read book of The Jungle Book

Walt Disney's See, Hear, Read book of The Jungle Book

Doris Day CD, ‘My Heart’

This CD was the last album of original recordings by Doris Day

The ABBA Annual 1979

This is the second Annual featuring the famous pop group ABBA

Hamilton Playing Cards

A box of plastic-coated Hamilton Playing Cards.

Sum-it card game

The object is a Waddington's Sum-it card game for children

Toy soldiers

Toy soldiers for child (and adult) play depicting soldiers from different armies in various poses.

Vintage Acoustic Guitar

This is an acoustic guitar bearing the 'Kay' brand, made by a Japanese firm in Korea in the 1970s

View-Master Stereoscopic Viewer

The View-Master featured here was made in the 1970s in the USA