Around the 1930’s William Edge produced Jiffy Dye which was a dye used by the public to dye their fabric different colours.  They had an advertisement  for Jiffy Dye quoting “Every shade of the Palette”  and it featured colorful art of a woman in front of a painters palette showing the range of colours available.

William Edges company not only produced Jiffy Dyes but also “Drummer” Dyes, “Dolly” Cream and “Dolly” Tints, “Movol” Ironmould Remover, and “Drummer” Pine.

Their well-known trademark of the drummer boy (associated with Drummer Dyes for home dyeing) was famous throughout the world. In 1947 they produced a poster for British Industries Fair Advertising their products for dyeing material.

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Homemade Home

More information:

Date 1930s
Material(s) CardboardTin
Item number MBPO159

Questions to help you remember using this item

  • Do you remember your family using these dyes to colour material?
  • What did you make with the coloured material?
  • How many of the other names of the dyes available can you remember?

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