Theme: Health

School Milk Bottle

The object is a glass bottle which would have held free milk supplied to a school

Horlicks Tablet Tin

A Horlicks tin, which once would have held 20 tablets priced at 9d (9p).

Smelling Salts

This vintage bottle contained a well-known brand of Smelling Salts

Boric Acid Ointment

This tin of boric acid ointment was made by Maws Pharmacy Supplies Ltd.

Vintage tin for Elastoplast Bandage

This tin originally contained three yards of Elastoplast bandage

Iron Jelloids tin

The tin shown once held an iron supplement in a jelly form, known as Iron Jelloids

Castor Oil Bottle

A glass Castor Oil Bottle manufactured by Parkinsons' Ltd, Burnley, Lancashire

Boots the Chemist Bottle

A clear Boots the Chemist glass bottle

Vintage tin of sticking plaster

This tin of adhesive dressings for minor wounds was produced by family firm Crela in Manchester

Vintage syringe

This old syringe might be have been used for medical or vetinerary purposes.

The Graduating Strop

A barber's strop, used for sharpening blades.

Tennis racquet

A wooden tennis racquet from the 1930s