Theme: Sports

Model Mini Cooper S

This toy is a die-cast model of a Mini Cooper S, badged as a contestant in the Monte Carlo car rally


This basket ball by Dunlop is a plaything, not a ball for serious matches

Swimming Cap

Swimming cap in mint green decorated with four leaf clovers.

Tape Measure

This is a Constantia tape measure made by James Chesterman and Co Ltd of Sheffield


The binoculars are branded Carl Zeiss Jena, model Jenoptem 8x30

Golf Score device

A portable device on which to record the number of golf shots taken to complete each hole in a round

Bowls Champion Trophy

An outdoor bowls champion trophy sponsored by Courage Central Limited of Alton

Badminton Racquet

A Badminton Racquet with history of the game of Badminton

Tennis racquet

A wooden tennis racquet from the 1930s

Slazenger Pro Cricket Ball

This Slazenger Pro cricket ball is used to play in a men's match of cricket.

Child’s skipping rope

Child's skipping rope with wooden handles.