Theme: Going Out

Shoe Horn

This shoe horn is made from genuine animal horn or hoof.

Old Spice Aftershave Bottle

An Old Spice 150ml aftershave bottle featuring the famous nautical logo

Eye shadow powders

The object is a vintage tin of eye shadow powder colours by Marks and Spencer.

Japanese Geta

The object is a pair of traditional styled Japanese Geta footwear

A Badger Light Dinner Ale Bottle

Badger Light Dinner Ale bottle by the brewery Hall & Woodhouse

A Badger Brown Ale Bottle

A Badger Brown ale beer bottle by the brewery Hall & Woodhouse

Smelling Salts

This vintage bottle contained a well-known brand of Smelling Salts

A Gentlemen’s Travelling Toiletry Case

A brown leather gentleman’s toiletry case for the travelling man

Nymph Ladies Razor

The object is a ladies Nymph razor made by Souplex.

Motor Fuel Ration Books 1973

The objects are three motor fuel ration books issued in 1973

Antique Toiletries Set

The antique set illustrated consists of two manicure items and a boot button hook


The binoculars are branded Carl Zeiss Jena, model Jenoptem 8x30