A 2001 copper plated steel one penny coin featuring the head of Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II is facing right with a Latin inscription that translated reads: “Elizabeth the Second, by the grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith 2001”. On the reverse of the coin is a portcullis and chains topped with a crown, this is also the design for the Palace of Westminster. At the bottom of the coin is the number one to depict the value of the coin.

History of the One Penny
On 15th February 1971 the one penny coin was issued along with the ½ p and 2p coin. The word “New” was incorporated to avoid confusion over past coins, this word was dropped from the 1p coin in 1982. The ½ p coin ceased being minted in 1984 with the 1p coin becoming the lowest coin in circulation. Originally the 1p coin was minted in bronze but since 1992 when bronze became too expensive it has been minted in copper plated steel.





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Material(s) CopperSteel
Item number MBPO24

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