This toilet chain was used for outside toilets and schools.

Some outside toilets were joint to the main house, and others were independent outside cubicles. Usually a brick structure with slate roof, and a wooden door. The modern outside toilets would have a flush feature and an enclosed bottom area. The toilet seat would usually be made from wood, in the form of planks over the enclosed bottom area, with a hole cut for sitting upon.

Toilet paper was an extra expense so many people would use cut to size newspaper squares, hung on a piece of string for a substitute.

Other names for the toilet include lavatory, bathroom, privy, urinal, outhouse, loo, the powder room, the Ladies, the Gents, WC, and restroom.

More information:

Date 1900s
Material(s) WoodMetal

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  • Did you have an outside toilet?
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  • Did you use newspaper for toilet paper?
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