The trouser presser was manufactured by British firm Pifco. It consisted of two heated metal blades, a handle and electric cable with a Bakelite plug featuring round pins. It came in a box,measuring about a foot long, which also contained instructions

.It was designed to create a ‘knife edged crease’, with ‘minimum effort’ in trousers, but could also be used for ‘ties, pleated skirts and school tunics.’ The instructions state that ‘no ironing board is required, nor is it necessary to wet the garment or use a damp cloth. The even heat and pressure correctly applied on both sides at once combine with the natural moisture in the cloth to produce a natural crease’.

The presser took three minutes to reach the required temperature.The box had two designs: one a well-groomed man pressing his trousers; the other featuring two men showing them downwards from the bottom of their coats,one with an umbrella

More information:

Date 1940s, 1950s
Item number MBPO61

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