Carmen heated rollers to put a curl into your hair.  This set dates from the 1970’s and were a popular way to change your hairstyle for a night out.  This set consists of 20 different sized nylon rollers, sitting in a carry case along with pins to secure the curlers in place and a box of moisturising conditioner.

The set would have been plugged in and left to heat up until ready for use.  The correct size roller would be chosen and you would roll your hair onto the roller. A clip would then be placed in the centre of the roller to secure the roller in place.  Once all the curlers were in place you could have a whole new hairstyle in 15 minutes.

Carmen, a Danish company started making hair products in 1965.  In the 1960’s & early 1970’s a new set of Carmen rollers would cost you between 7½ to 15½ guineas (£7.87 to £16.28) depending upon the model. To this day their appliances continue to be popular and you can still purchase Carmen heated rollers, hair dryers and straighteners.

More information:

Date 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s
Material(s) PlasticMetalCardboard
Item number MBPO207

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  • Have you ever had a set of heated rollers in your house?
  • Did you ever burn your skin when the curler touched?
  • Could you secure the curlers tightly enough?

User Stories

I remember as a  child watching my Mum put these in her hair before a special night out.  My Mum’s set was passed to me and I kept them for many years even trying them out on my daughter when she was a teenager – Helen

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