A 1970’s index list telephone and address finder. A small compact object to handwrite your telephone numbers of friends, family and acquaintances plus their addresses. The alphabet, A-Z is listed on either side of the plastic slider. The slider acts as a magnifier so that the letters can be viewed more clearly. The slider is manually moved to the letter of the alphabet of the name you require. Press the big central button at the bottom and the address book springs open at the letter you have selected.

As you can see from the photographs here it also had wood effect this was because it blended in nicely sat on a table next to your telephone. If you had enough room, you may have had a phone table with a chair or bench attached.

The manufacturers of this item obviously felt that certain letters of the alphabet were not as popular as others and were not required to have a page of their own. The following letters all have to share a page: DE, FG, IJ, KL, PQ, UV, WX, and YZ

These days younger people do not keep address books as they have all the numbers stored in their mobile phones.

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Home & Garden

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Date 1970s
Material(s) MetalPaperCardboardPlastic
Item number MBPO359

Questions to help you remember using this item

  • Have you got one of these index telephone finders?
  • Can you remember your old childhood telephone number?
  • Can you remember the yellow pages or the telephone directory that was delivered to your house?
  • When did you have your first telephone installed in your house?

User Stories

I can remember having one of these but there was never much space to write the details you wanted in. Always had to write in pencil so that it could be rubbed out when the number changed. Our telephone was just on a shelf and you sat on the stairs while talking with the rest of the house quite often listening in on your call! – Memory Box Volunteer

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