A selection of tulip bulbs.  Tulips bulbs should be planted approximately 6 inches deep in the autumn, this allows the earth to cool off and the bulbs to put down root growth. The tulip will then flower in late spring and return every year around the same time. Cut flowering tulips can be purchased by the bunch from shops in spring but these do not last as long as tulips flowering in your garden.

Everyone associates the tulip with Holland but they originated from Central Asia, then cultivated in Turkey and finally imported in the sixteenth century to Holland.

In the 17th century tulips were very popular and as everyone was buying tulip bulbs, they became very expensive and were used instead of money.

Keukenhof near Amsterdam is the largest flower garden in the world. Every autumn more than seven million bulbs are planted and from March to May they have over 800 different flowering tulips.



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I have tulip and daffodil bulbs in my garden that come up every year. I love seeing the bright colours appearing and the prospect that winter is nearly over and warmer days will soon be here – Helen

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