A Local Defence Volunteers (LDV) cloth Armband.  In 1940, with World War II looming the government made a radio appeal for all men unable to join the armed forces to sign up at their local police station to become part-time soldiers at home. Within two months of this appeal over one million men had signed up. On occasions there was a shortage of uniforms and this armband would be worn to distinguish that they were not full-time trained soldiers. Some recruits already had paid employment in other jobs and offered their time as unpaid part-time LDV volunteers.

The LDV were given basic military training and were responsible for patrolling and protecting known areas where the enemy may land or attack in their local area. It was not their job to fight any enemy intruders but to assist the army.

The LDV was later to be named the Home Guard and was finally disbanded in 1945.



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Date 1940s
Material(s) CottonFabric
Item number MBPO285

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