An Old Spice 150ml aftershave bottle featuring the famous nautical logo and red wording in a presentation tin. Old Spice aftershave for men is described as an Amber Spicy fragrance. Fragrances in it include: Cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus, musk, cedar as well as vanilla and various flowers.

Old Spice was originally introduced to the market by William Lightfoot Schultz of Ohio, USA. Schultz launched the Old Spice for Men range in1938 following on from Early American Old Spice for Women the previous year. The 1938 range was originally sold in pottery containers but as the product became more popular pottery was changed to glass for quicker and cheaper production. Initially the bottle tops were tin and cork but this changed to plastic in the 1950’s.

Old Spice has always been famous for having a nautical theme as it’s logo and the bottle is based on the shape of a buoy. Up to the early 1940’s the logo was that of a colonial or clipper ship called the Grand Turk. In 1990 Proctor and Gamble purchased the company and changed the colonial ship to that of a racing yacht. In recent years some products have reverted back to the clipper ship logo.

Old Spice was particularly popular during World War II with soldiers and has continued to be popular since with an older generation of men. During the 2000’s an Old Spice body wash was launched to try to appeal to a younger market. Old Spice was re-branded in 2010 and a huge television campaign followed leading up to and after the Super Bowl, the annual American Football Game. As well as the original Old Spice aftershave other products still available to buy include: deodorant sticks, body sprays and shower gels.


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Date 1990s
Material(s) GlassTinPlastic
Item number MBPO357

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I can remember always seeing Old Spice in the bathroom at my Grandads or in our bathroom as I was growing up. There was also a bottle of Brut.  It was a time before the vast range of aftershaves on the market these days  – Memory Box Volunteer

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