Vintage pair of hair clippers, widely used by barbers prior to the introduction of electric clippers.

The clippers have two handles. The left handle has a rest for a right thumb and the right has a smaller projection which fits between the forefinger and middle finger of a right handed user.

The handles are squeezed together, which moves a top set of cutters over a lower set, cutting hair which is trapped between the two sets. The clippers were chiefly used to trim neck and side of head hair.

There is a spring hidden in the head of the clippers, which can be replaced, as the clippers can be dismantled and adjusted, using the knob on the top of the clippers.

The model illustrated was manufactured in Germany in Solingen, a town well known for the manufacture of swords, razors, knives and scissors.

Clippers were made in different widths.

More information:

Date 1940s, 1950s
Material(s) Steel
Item number MBPO182

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User Stories

In German the clippers are known as haarschneidemaschine.
Clippers of this type were also used for grooming dogs.
I remember when I was too small to sit in a barber’s chair sitting on a board resting on the arms of the chair whilst the barber used clippers and then scissors.

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