Prinz Condor Cine Camera from the 1960’s to film events in any location. It weighs approximately 800g and its dimensions are 47 x 188 x 155 mm. There is a compartment on the side where the super 8 film cassette is fitted. With this model there is no sound facility so films produced would be silent. Other equipment needed for use are 4 x AA batteries and 1 x small button battery for the light meter. It is believed that Prinz was the own-brand of Dixons and was manufactured in Japan.

This cine camera has a handle that can keep the camera straight while filming. Although it does have a socket which you can fit onto a tripod. It has a manual zoom lens so that you can film things close and at a distance. When not in use the camera can be stored in the case to protect it.

When the filming was completed the super 8 film would be sent away to be developed and transferred to spools. A portable white screen was usually put up and you would view the film via a double spool projector.

Technology has moved on since cine cameras of the 1960’s. People are now able to take videos and photographs instantly on their mobile phones without having to send items away to be developed.


More information:

Date 1960s
Material(s) MetalPlasticGlassLeather
Item number MBPO192

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