A St. Andrew’s golf accessory kit.  This kit consists of the following items:

9 wooden tees – the tee is put into the grass & the golf ball sits on this. The tees can be different lengths to assist with different shape golf clubs

1 brass pitch mark repair tool – to help to maintain the condition of the greens

Magnetic logo badge – this is removed from the kit & used to mark where your golf ball has landed on the green

Pencil – to record your round score on each hole as you go

St. Andrews Golf club was formed in 1843 and is famous for the Open Championship which is held there once every five years.  St. Andrews is on the east coast of Scotland, approximately 50 miles north of Edinburgh.

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More information:

Date 1970s, 1980s, 1990s
Material(s) PlasticWoodMetal
Item number MBPO112

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  • Have you ever played a round of golf?
  • What handicap do you play off?
  • Do you like watching golf on television?

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