The object illustrated is a personalised gift set on a display stand. The cover of the box shows the head of a golf club, a golf ball and two gold coloured objects, which are to be found in the case.

One of the objects is a golf tee, which in a game would be stuck in the ground on the tee to play the first shot. The other is a divot tool, or pitch fork, used on the green to repair a pitch mark, where the ball has landed on the green leaving a small divot. The tool is used to raise the turf in several places at the rear of the indentation, with the putter head then used to pat the area flat.

What is unusual about this set is that, whereas the pitch fork can be used and shows signs of being handled, the tee has a personalised tag on a chain, which stops it being used.

The cheap container into which the two items are placed and the nature of the outer box, suggest the items are not made of gold, but are gold coloured. The display stand suggests that the set may have been an award at a golf club to the person with the initials TPF.

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Date 2000s
Material(s) Metal
Item number MBPO111

Questions to help you remember using this item

  • Looking at the engraved tag in the picture, what does the shape remind you of?
  • Do you believe the set was an award and or a present?
  • Have you ever played golf? If so where have you played?
  • Have you ever used a metal tee, a pitch fork or ball marker? If so which?
  • Who is your favourite golfer?
  • Do you agree that “Golf is a good walk spoiled”?

User Stories

Unusually this set does not contain a personalised ball marker, which is a small disc placed on the green to show where a ball has come to rest, but has been removed for the benefit of another player. Most sets do contain these and they are useful whatever the metal.

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