National Dried Milk Tin

Welfare Foods National Dried Milk Tin

Tin containing National Dried Milk produced during the Second World War.

Ordnance Survey map of Exeter 1946

Ordnance Survey map of Exeter – 1946

Ordnance Survey ‘New Popular Edition’ map of Exeter published in 1946.

super 8 cine camera 1960s

Super 8 cine camera

Eumigette Zoom Super 8 cine camera made by Austrian company Eumig in the 1960s.

novelty Victorian fireplace teapot

Novelty teapot

A small pottery teapot designed to look like a Victorian fireplace.

A tea caddy from the 1960s

Tea Caddy

A vintage tea caddy (or possibly tobacco container).

Typewriter ribbon

Tthe ribbon used in a typewriter to supply the ink necessary to make an image on paper.

Cobbler's last

Cobblers last

An essential tool for repairing soles and heels of shoes/boots.

orange stove top whistling kettle

Stove top whistling kettle

A kettle designed to be boiled on a hob.

20th Century Football

A leather football from the 20th century, comprising 12 sections of leather stitched together.