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Castor Oil Bottle

A glass Castor Oil Bottle manufactured by Parkinsons' Ltd, Burnley, Lancashire

Boots the Chemist Bottle

A clear Boots the Chemist glass bottle

2001 One Penny Coin

A 2001 copper plated steel one penny coin featuring the head of Queen Elizabeth II

1951 Sixpence Coin

A 1951 sixpence featuring the head of a King George VI

1963 One Shilling Coin

A 1963 cupronickel one shilling coin featuring the head of a young Queen Elizabeth II

Christmas Biscuit Tins

These colourful tins contained biscuits and were mainly sold at Christmas

1943 Farthing Coin

A 1943 bronze farthing featuring the head of King George VI

Shilling coin

This shilling coin dates from 1948

Half Crown Coin

This object is an example of a half crown coin. This one was issued in 1963

Weights For Scales

Brass bell weights of various values for use with balance scales

Viking Balance Scales

Kitchen balance scales made from cast iron and brass

Viyella fabric samples book

This object is a book of crepe fabric samples from the Viyella company.

Sewing needle pack

'Sewing Susan' kit containing needles and a threader