This device, called the “Hole in One Golf Scorer” was manufactured in Taiwan, and was designed to enable golfers to record the number of shots they take at each hole in a round of 18.

It is make of red plastic, with a metal clip at the top to allow it to be attached to a belt or buckle, giving the user both hands free to play golf.  It is marked with 1-9 on one side and 10-18 on the other – indicating the number of holes in a round.  On the edge of each number there is a dent and a small metal button.  The golfer simply presses the button the relevant number of times until his score is displayed in the window alongside.  Then, when reaching the clubhouse, the golfer has a clear and reliable record of his round.  This is designed to replace the old method of marking a card with a pencil, and has the advantage of not requiring a pencil to work.  (Pencils could be easily dropped, lost or broken.)  This item still has the cardboard box in which it was originally sold, which, on the reverse, provides a visual demonstration of how to use the device.

This item looks to have been manufactured in the 1960’s or 70’s – a time when Asian countries were becoming more open and much of their cheap manufacturing methods were flooding the western market with goods.

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Date 1960s, 1970s
Material(s) PlasticMetalCardboard
Item number MBPO195

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  • Have you ever played golf?
  • Would you prefer to use a gadget like this, or paper and pencil to record your scores?
  • Why were goods manufactured in the Far East so popular from the 1960's onwards?

User Stories

I have only really played Crazy Golf, rather than the proper game, but I can see how a device like this would be useful.  People can become hyper competitive in even the most lighthearted of activities, and something like this, which would appear to be more high-tech than paper and pencil, may well help to avoid arguments at the end of a game.

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