Items from the 1950s

Calor electric body massager

1950s Calor electric body massager and box.



Bobbins used to store sewing thread.


A vintage hair brush usually a part of a larger matching set of vanity items for the dressing table


Royal Jamaica Cigars, produced by the Jamaica Tobacco Manufacturing Company.

Ever Ready Lamp

Eveready Bicycle Lamp

A metal Eveready lamp that would have been fitted to the front of your bicycle.


Bicycle horn/hooter

A bicycle horn/hooter that when squeezed warns pedestrians that a cyclist is present.

Commemorative Biscuit Tin for Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation 1953

Commemorative Biscuit Tin for Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation 1953

model rowing boat

Toy replica rowing boat

Toy replica wooden rowing boat with two oars.

bicycle chain

Dyto Bicycle chain

A single speed replacement bicycle chain with the width and height dimensions of ½ x ⅛ inches

Bunty book

Bunty Book/Annual

The Bunty annual was first published by D.C. Thompson and Co for Christmas in 1960.

Child's first piano book

Child’s First Piano Book JIBBIDY-F and A-C-E

This first piano book is illustrated to help children/adults to learn to read, write and play music


White metal thimble

A needleworker's thimble in white metal, possibly silver.

dial telephone

Cream coloured dial telephone

A classic telephone of the 1950's-1970's with rotating dialling plate.

Kellogg's cereal tin box

Kellogg’s Tin

Kellogg's cereal tin box