This first piano book is illustrated to help children/adults to learn to read, write and play music in a fun and interesting way.  Written by Lela Hoover Ward it has 56 pages of popular tunes to learn e.g.

“Twinkle twinkle little star”, “Baa baa black sheep”, “Polly, put the kettle on”, “Jingle bells” and “Pease porridge hot”.

It was first published in 1949 and sold at the price of 3’6 (3 shillings & 6 old pence).  The latest 2003 version of the same book is still sold online, in bookshops and music stores.



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More information:

Date 1940s, 1950s, 1960s
Material(s) PaperCardboard
Item number MBPO98

Questions to help you remember using this item

  • Can you play a musical instrument?
  • Did you ever have music lessons?
  • What was or is your favourite tune to play?

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