Items from the 1960s

Nymph Ladies Razor

The object is a ladies Nymph razor made by Souplex.

1963 One Shilling Coin

A 1963 cupronickel one shilling coin featuring the head of a young Queen Elizabeth II

Christmas Tree Angel Decoration

A Christmas tree angel decoration to sit at the very top of the Christmas Tree

Christmas Biscuit Tins

These colourful tins contained biscuits and were mainly sold at Christmas

Hamilton Playing Cards

A box of plastic-coated Hamilton Playing Cards.

Half Crown Coin

This object is an example of a half crown coin. This one was issued in 1963

Weights For Scales

Brass bell weights of various values for use with balance scales

Steel File

Steel file with a wooden handle

Swimming Cap

Swimming cap in mint green decorated with four leaf clovers.

Goblin Teasmade

The Goblin Teasmade would often be found on the bedside table in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Knitting Doll

The object is a spool, or 'doll' used in French Knitting.

Brass Bell

The object is a vintage brass bell with a cross at the top of the handle

Red Bus Moneybox

This is a child's moneybox in the form of a red London bus.