Items from the 1960s

Badminton Racquet

A Badminton Racquet with history of the game of Badminton

Lucky Horseshoes for Brides

Lucky horseshoes, these are given as gifts to brides on their wedding day.

Hair roller

Pink plastic hair roller from the 1960s/70s

Candy Canes

The objects shown are examples of an edible confectionary called candy canes.

Stainless Steel Teapot

A Stainless Steel teapot providing cups of tea for two people.

Christmas milk bottle

Glass milkbottle with printed message about supporting your local milk delivery over Christmas.

Slazenger Pro Cricket Ball

This Slazenger Pro cricket ball is used to play in a men's match of cricket.

Child’s skipping rope

Child's skipping rope with wooden handles.

Salter Scales for coins

The object is the Salter Silver and Cash Checker, No.53

Prinz Condor Cine Camera Super 8

Prinz Condor Cine Camera from the 1960’s to film events in any location.

Ewbank Merit Carpet Sweeper

The Ewbank Merit Carpet sweeper helps to keep your floors, rugs and carpets tidy.