Items from the 1970s


Original doll from the BBC TV children's series Playschool

Sum-it card game

The object is a Waddington's Sum-it card game for children

Pack of Copy Paper

This pack of copy paper was made by Dickinson Robinson in the 1970s

Metal Protractor

A metal protractor in a wooden storage case with lock

Sitesquare Surveyor’s Level

A Surveyor's Level for the use of measuring distance and height of points on the landscape. 

Red telephone

Red, rotary dial telephone

Vintage Acoustic Guitar

This is an acoustic guitar bearing the 'Kay' brand, made by a Japanese firm in Korea in the 1970s

View-Master Stereoscopic Viewer

The View-Master featured here was made in the 1970s in the USA

Engineers’ Pocket Book

Newnes Radio and Electronics Engineers Pocket Book, 15th edition was published in 1978

Men’s Royal Air Force Tropical Uniform

A man’s military tropical uniform as worn by a Group Captain in the RAF.