Items from the 1970s



Bobbins used to store sewing thread.

The Beatles Monthly magazine

Beatles Monthly Book

This monthly book is all about The Beatles, one of the most successful musical groups in history.


Bicycle horn/hooter

A bicycle horn/hooter that when squeezed warns pedestrians that a cyclist is present.

St Andrews Golf Tee Set

St. Andrew’s golf accessory kit

A St. Andrew's golf accessory kit.

model rowing boat

Toy replica rowing boat

Toy replica wooden rowing boat with two oars.

bicycle chain

Dyto Bicycle chain

A single speed replacement bicycle chain with the width and height dimensions of ½ x ⅛ inches

coffee pot 1970s

Coffee pot

The coffee pot is part of a range of tableware produced by Royal Worcester in the 1970s.

Bunty book

Bunty Book/Annual

The Bunty annual was first published by D.C. Thompson and Co for Christmas in 1960.


White metal thimble

A needleworker's thimble in white metal, possibly silver.

Fisher-Price pull along dog toy

Pull along dog toy

A Fisher Price toy dog called Little Snoopy - with cord for pulling along.

dial telephone

Cream coloured dial telephone

A classic telephone of the 1950's-1970's with rotating dialling plate.

Lemon meringue pie baking mix

Lemon meringue pie mix

This is a box of ingredients to prepare a meringue lemon pie

Coconut slice baking mix

Coconut slice cake mix

This is a box of ingredients to make coconut slices.

Kellogg's cereal tin box

Kellogg’s Tin

Kellogg's cereal tin box

football matchday programme

Football Match-day programme

This is the programme for a football match between Watford and Crystal Palace in 1974