A cloth doll wearing brightly coloured embroidery and lace clothing.  The outfit may possibly be a traditional dress of a Scandinavian country. The hair looks to be made of wool, with wire inserted to give the hair support to shape it. There are beads as earrings at the ears.

Dolls have been in existence for many years and the earliest wooden paddle dolls were discovered in Ancient Egypt. Romans made their dolls from wood, ivory, clay and rags, these would be dressed in the latest fashions.

Other materials used over the years have included papier- mâché, corn, paper, wax, leather, porcelain and in more recent years plastic.

Not only were dolls given to children to play with but they were also used in education as well as religious rituals.  Today vintage dolls have become collectors’ items.

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Date 1990s, 2000s, 2010s
Material(s) Fabric
Item number MBPO233

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  • Can you remember your first doll or animal?
  • Did it have a name?
  • What was it made from?

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One of my first dolls was made of cloth – a rag doll and she was called Jemima – Helen

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