A July 1961 Meccano Magazine Vol XLVI, Vol 7, priced at 1’3 (one shilling & 3 pence).

Frank Hornby first invented Meccano at the start of the twentieth century after making metal models for his sons. Meccano was originally called “Mechanics Made Easy” but this later changed to the name “Meccano” in 1907.

What is Meccano?

Meccano is a set designed especially for children consisting of metal pieces. These pieces are bolted together with metal bars to construct mechanical models e.g. automobiles, planes, bridges & robots. Initially the sets were basic but as the years progressed wheels, pulleys, gears and motors were added to give the models more movement. The early models were a silver colour but again in later years more colours were introduced. Each set varied in size and price and came with a set of instructions for construction.

Meccano Magazine

The Meccano Magazine was first published in 1916 to advertise the construction sets. By the 1920’s the magazine was so popular that it was published monthly. The magazine not only introduced the merits of the Meccano sets available but also covered what was going on in the world of science, history and astronomy.

In this magazine readers would also share photographs of the Meccano models they had constructed. Prizes were awarded to some of the best Meccano models featured. From the popularity of this magazine in 1919 the Meccano Guild was founded to allow children to form clubs in their local area to be able to exhibit the models they had made. The Meccano Magazine would publish reports on these clubs. By the 1930’s Meccano Magazine was publishing 70,000 copies a month. The magazine stopped publishing in 1981.

Meccano sets are still available to purchase to this day. In later years Frank Hornby went on to invent Hornby Train Sets and Dinky Model Cars.










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