A child’s metal spinning top decorated with a cowboy design.

To use:  the top is sat on a flat surface on its apex – the point at the bottom and pumped up and down several times by the red handle at the top.  This connects with a spring inside that makes the top spin.  When the spring is completely unwound, the top will come to a standstill.

It is believed that spinning tops have been around for over thousands of years.  Children would have originally played by spinning acorns, stones, shells, and nuts before more sophisticated clay, bone and then wooden tops were invented.

By the 1920’s metal or tin spinning tops like this one pictured would have become a popular toy in households and nurseries up and down the country.  Some would have had holes in the side to let out a humming noise as it spun while others would have a picture that would flicker as moved.  This spinning top pictured is a modern replica that can still be purchased.  Small wooden spinning tops are still popular today as affordable pocket money toys.









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Material(s) TinPlastic
Item number MBPO120

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  • As a child did you ever have a wooden spinning top you could flick by hand or with a piece of string?
  • Did you buy it with pocket money or were you given it as a gift?
  • What colour was your spinning top?

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I have used the spinning top pictured & it is mesmerising watching it when it is busy spinning – Helen

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