The picture shows a red tray made of polycarbonate material with moulded compartments to hold food items and cutlery. The largest compartment can be used for sandwiches or a cooked main course, with a smaller one for cake or a desert and a round one for a drink or an item of fruit.

The manufacturers sell these to schools, hospitals, care homes and prisons; settings where it may not be safe or convenient to use breakable crockery.

The polycarbonate is claimed to be virtually unbreakable and shatterproof and the trays are dishwasher-proof and can be used in microwaves.

The trays can be bought in at least five different colours, though red very popular. Other makes are somewhat smaller, but all have the same shaped compartments.

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Date 1990s, 2010s
Material(s) Plastic
Item number MBPO127

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  • Did you have school meals, take your own food, or go home for lunch?
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My grandson used such a tray at junior school, but not at secondary school.


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