A set of three postcards depicting locations and traditional outfits worn by Dutch people in Holland. The costumes of dresses, puffed trousers and clogs (wooden shoes) would have varied from profession and village. Traditional folk costumes like these are no longer the dress code in Holland but you may find residents in tourist locations dressed in them for photographic purposes.

A postcard is an affordable souvenir that can be found in many towns and cities that you may be visiting around the world. It is a way to capture your memories of your trip and to stay in touch with people back home by saying “Wish you were here”. You choose a card for the image on the front, usually a scene of where you are staying and then write your message on the back along with the recipient’s address.

The first postcard was published in the 1770’s but was not an instant success. Not being enclosed in an envelope for privacy people were not keen on servants being able to read their personal correspondence. It wasn’t until the 1860’s that postcards were introduced again and this time due to their size and cost of postage became more popular. These days people are more inclined to stay in touch by phone while away on holiday than to buy, write and post a postcard so postcards being sent are now in decline.

Post boxes in Holland are usually orange or red with 2 separate slots for post. One slot is for post being sent locally and the other for locations further afield.

Stamp collecting – “Philately” is the world’s number one collecting hobby with postcard collecting “Deltiology” following closely behind.


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Seaside & Holidays

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Date 1970s, 1980s, 1990s
Material(s) CardboardPaper
Item number MBPO349

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  • Have you ever sent a postcard?
  • Would the card have had a scenic view or a joke seaside picture on the front?
  • Do you like receiving postcards from someone while they are away to know they are still thinking of you?
  • Have you ever collected anything as a hobby?

User Stories

As a child I not only sent postcards but I also collected them from wherever I visited. To this day if I am staying in this country, I still like to find a postcard, write and send to my family. If holidaying abroad I tend to stay in touch by phone as the card always gets delivered a week or two after I’ve returned! – Memory Box Volunteer

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