Starsky and Such was an American TV series first shown between the years 1975 and 1979 and in this country broadcast on BBC1 on Saturday evenings, starting in 1976.

The show featured two undercover ‘cops’ – David Starsky, played by Paul Michael Glazer and Kenneth, ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson, played by David Soul.

Over 93 action packed episodes the ‘buddies’ fought all types of crime in Bay City, aided by a criminal informer, Huggy Bear, played by Bernie Hamilton.

Three hardback annuals relating to the show were published in this country. They were about 60 pages long and featured stories, strip picture stories, photographs, articles, puzzles and games. The books were aimed at older children and published in time to be given as Christmas presents. The annual pictured here would have been on sale in late 1977 and dated for the following year. The original selling price was £1.30. Two more annuals were published for 1979 and 1980. All are available from second-hand booksellers.

The TV series has been repeated many times and can still be found on digital TV. The whole series is available on DVD.

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Date 1970s
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  • Did you watch the TV series? Did you enjoy it?
  • Have you ever bought one of the annuals for yourself or as a gift?
  • An iconic feature of the series was the car driven by Starsky – a Ford Gran Turino. In what colours was it painted?
  • The two cops had different hair colours and different personalities. Which was dark and which was fair? Which was streetwise and which more intellectual?
  • Have you ever owned a David Soul pop record? If so, can you remember the title?
  • Can you recall any other American crime series from the 1970s?

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A big screen version was released in 2004, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Paul Michael Glazier and David Soul made guest appearances.

As well as being an actor David Soul has had a successful singing career, with two Number One singles in the UK. He is now a British Citizen and has appeared in such TV dramas as Poirot and Lewis.

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