Items from the 1940s

Kellogg's cereal tin box

Kellogg’s Tin

Kellogg's cereal tin box

Jelly/Aspic Mould

This fluted mould would have been used to set either a fruit jelly or a savoury aspic



A cast iron mincing machine made by Spong in the 1930’s.


Doily Antimacassar

A green crocheted doily or antimacassar.

Three penny coin

Three pence – 1943

1943 three penny coin.

Pifco handheld trouser press

Trouser press

A handheld, plug in portable trouser press.

portable oil lamp circa 1950s

Oil Lamp

A handheld oil lamp, ideal for camping.

National Dried Milk Tin

Welfare Foods National Dried Milk Tin

Tin containing National Dried Milk produced during the Second World War.

Ordnance Survey map of Exeter 1946

Ordnance Survey map of Exeter – 1946

Ordnance Survey ‘New Popular Edition’ map of Exeter published in 1946.

20th Century Football

A leather football from the 20th century, comprising 12 sections of leather stitched together.